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About Modern Language School of SVG

About Modern Language School of SVG

Modern Language School of SVG is a language School based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, We offer English and Spanish courses to the local and international students.

Brief history

Modern Language School of SVG was founded in 2008 by Lesbia Tesorero-Martin a Venezuelan professor of foreign languages (Spanish and English) who has lived and taught Spanish and English in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since 2004.

In 2009, the school began its operations in St. Vincent from an in-home traditional classroom setting, with a very small amount of students who learned about the new language school mainly by referrals.

In January 2012, Modern Languages School of SVG incorporated the online learning modality using Skype, which was accepted and well received by regular and prospect students from St. Vincent and international students as a great and convenient solution to learn a language. Since then, the school operated using the online modality only.

However, as demand started to grow for Spanish and English classes in St. Vincent, the in-classroom courses resumed in March 2016 from a new place in Arnos Vale –a very centric location outside the city of Kingstown– to give Modern Languages School of SVG its first official building open to the public.

Since then, Modern Language School of SVG is growing fast. It is a very well organized language school, guided by current international standards and methodologies in the language teaching field, aimed at the use of technology, with qualified and experienced ESL and ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) teachers with a great passion for what they do, and very kind and friendly staff who are always willing to give you the best possible service and dedication during your language learning journey with us.

Mission Statement.

Our Mission is to provide high quality classroom-setting or online Spanish and English courses for students of our community and international students through a combination of a technological platform and innovative teaching methodologies which offer the students easy and convenient access to learn their target language, and to help them fulfill their language-oriented personal, professional and academic goals effectively and efficiently.

Our Director

Professor Lesbia Tesorero-Martin

Professor Lesbia Tesorero-Martin is the founder, owner and director of Modern Languages School of SVG. Not only is she responsible for the direction of the language school but she is also the Course director, the head Spanish as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language Teacher and a specialized phonetics and phonology teacher.

Professor Tesorero-Martin graduated from the Pedagogical University of Caracas, Venezuela as a Foreign Language Professor, and has over 25 years of experience  teaching Spanish and English as a foreign/second language internationally.  She is also a co-author of the Spanish as a second language series for Secondary School in the Caribbean ¿Qué hay? 1 and 3,  among other resources used by Modern Language School of SVG for the development of its classes. Professor Tesorero-Martin is a skilled online language instructor with a firm passion for integrating technology to education, while she also has entrepreneurial and managerial experience.

She is permanently studying and researching the Spanish and English teaching-learning field, reason why she is up to date with the most recent approaches, methodologies, modalities, resources and technology to language teaching and learning today.

She is a certified instructor of the TESL curriculum in the Teaching English as a Second Language Programme by KCAT/TLC, LLC, Manhattan, Kansas.

She has participated in various workshops for professional development including the ESL Training workshop for Instructors in the Teach English Caribbean Programme for the Ecuadorian English teachers to which she was responsible for teaching English Phonetics/Phonology and Listening Comprehension.

Professor Lesbia Tesorero-Martin is very passionate at her career and job, she is a devoted mother and wife and she is also a professional singer.

School building

Located in Arnos Vale, a very convenient location alongside supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. Our school includes a warming reception area, two classrooms, one of them is a language lab fully equipped with a very modern sotfware for teaching languages, projectors, projector screens and surround sound. We also have a small tuckshop downstairs, and a nice garden with chairs and tables outside.