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English Level Test

Check your English level:

This level test consists of 70 multiple choice questions. Each question presents four answer choices. Read each question and choose the ONE best answer. Understand the CEFR Scale before taking this level test
1. A: Is _______ name Carlos?
B: Yes ,_______ .
2. A: ____ you Paul Peters?
B: No,___________ . My name _______Steven Johnson.
3. A: _______ last name?
B: _______ Roberts.
4. I ______ 25 years old.
5. A. Is______ your wallet?
B. No, _________.
6. A: What are these?
B: _____________ earrings.
7. Tim is a new student. ______ in ______ class.
8. ______ you and Laura ______  Colombia?
9. _______ Mr. Haynes ______?
10. A: ______ your best friend?
B: Charles.
11. A: ________ is the new English teacher like?
B: She’s very nice.
12. A: Is this_______ Jacket?.
B: No, it’s not _____. It’s _____Jacket.
13. The ______ names are Alex and Fred.
14. I ___________ a raincoat because It_______.
15. A: ______time is it?
B: It’s two o’clock ____ the morning.
16. A: What are you doing, Jeniffer?
B: _________________
17. A: __________your brother?
B: He’s not home. He ____________soccer.
18. Emily _______ to work because she _________ in the suburbs.
19. My friend Susan _____ always very busy. She __________ a lot of work.
20. I ______ a new friend at school. We ______ our homework together.
21. A: _______ you get up early?
B: Yes, everyday.
22. A: What time ______ your sister get up?
B: She ______ early in the morning.
23. A: What furniture do you have in your new kitchen?
B: There________ chairs but there ____________ refrigerator.
24. There isn’t _____ sofa in the living room and there aren’t _____ chairs either.
25. There is a nice picture ____ the wall.
26. A: Where is Paul?
B: He’s __________.
27. A: ___________________________
B: I’m a doctor.
28. A: ____________________________your new job?
B: I hate it.
29. A: A firefighter’s job _____ dangerous.
B: I agree, a firefighter has _____ dangerous job.
30. A: Where ______ she work?
B: She ______ work.
31. A: Do we need _____ eggs or bread?
B: Yes, let’s get _______eggs but we don´t need ______ bread.
32. A: Do you _______ have fruits for breakfast?
B: No,______________ do.
33. A: Who do you usually go the movies __________?
A: I go _____ some friends_____work.
34. They’re talking ___________the football match.
35. I’m always tired _____ the morning ____ Mondays.
36. A: This Saturday I’m ________ have a party. Can you come?.
B: Sure!
37. We’re in the cafeteria. We____________ breakfast.
38. A: _______________________
B: I have a sore throat.
39. Please ____ careful!
40. Don’t ________!
41. _______phone is this?
42. A: How do I get to St. Patrick’s Cathedral?
B: ____ right ____ 42nd street. It’s ___ the left.
43. Yesterday, I_________ television and _______laundry.
44. My brother ____________ his homework last night, he just _______magazines.
45. A: What did you do on Sunday?
B: We__________ a picnic in the park and ______horses.
46. A: Did you do go anywhere last weekend?
B: Yes, I _______ hiking with some friends. We_____a lot of fun.
47. They ________eat dinner because they ________hungry.
48. Ricky Martin__________ in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
49. I___________ in Texas, I _________ to New York in 1990.
50. A: Which sweater do you like more?
B: I ________ the blue one. It’s ________.
51. A: ___________ you like to go out on Saturday?.
B: Yes, __________.
52. _______ couples have more than one child.
53. A: ____________ do you exercise?
B. Three times a week.
54. I________ all my Money in the casino last night. Now I’m _________!
55. A: I’m exhausted!
B: Why don’t you_______ a day off.
56. A: _______ you ever_________ in a karaoke bar?
B: No. I ______________.
57. A: I like Italian food a lot.
B: __________________
58. The ________ clock is in Mecca. Each of it faces is 43 meters.
59. A: There should be ______ cars in the city.
B: Yes, there are ______ cars parked on the streets.
60. A: Do you know what time _____________?
B: At 8:00 a.m.
61. A: You need to buy a new car.
B: I wish I _________ afford a new car. If I _______ rich I’d buy one.
62. A: John, please turn _______the TV.
B: Ok Mom, _____________.
63. A: Are you good at ______________ a business?
B. No way. I’m too disorganized.
64. While I ___________ home one day, I ____________ a lost dog.
65. A: I forgot my best friend’s birthday, so I sent him a text message to apologize.
B: You _______________ him or _______ him a birthday present instead.
66. A: The other day, I saw a little puppy on the road. It seemed to be scared and hungry.
B: Someone _________________ left it there.
67. My roommate cleaned the apartment, so the dishes are ___________.
68. February 14 is the day _______ people give presents to the ones they love.
69. A: Why didn’t you rent an apartment instead of a house?
B: Because apartments don’t have _____________privacy _____ houses.
70. A: What are you going to do this weekend?
B: I’m not sure. Maybe _____________ some movies.