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Student Life


In addition to our engaging language classes, Modern Language School of SVG promotes extracurricular activities to encourage students to get immersed into the culture of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and enjoy all what it has to offer. Our staff will help you plan you weekend adventures or your daily activities for you to enjoy and meet new people.

Diving and Water Sports

St. Vincent is recognized as a great Dive destination, so while you are studying your target language with us, we can help you plan a dive or snorkeling adventure for you to enjoy the experience of getting into our colorful and lively reefs, and indulging in our fantastic underwater world.

Day Tours within St. Vincent

Escape on a day tour to one of our many waterfalls, go snorkeling on a beautiful black-sand beach, visit The Botanical Gardens, Rawacow Recreational Park, Black Point Tunnel, Owia Salt Pond, The Distillery, or even go hiking to the Volcano (La Soufriere), among many more!

Sports and fitness

St. Vincent has numerous gyms, sport and fitness centers to help you stay fit while you are here studying English or Spanish at Modern Language School of SVG. Martial arts, yoga, swimming. dancing, aerobics, tennis, squash, football, are some of the sport activities we can help you plan and enjoy.

Credit: Fitness Lab SVG

Tours to the Grenadines

Whether it be by ferry, plane or sailing you can’t miss visiting the Grenadine Islands, St. Vincent’s little sister islands; magnificent jewels which rest over this portion of the Caribbean Sea and offer gorgeous beaches with turquoise waters and golden sands, and lots of culture, peace and relaxation. Visit Bequia, The Tobago, Cays, Mayreau, Palm Island, Canouan and many more of our 32 islands and cays.

Festivals and Cultural Events

From May to July, St. Vincent’s Carnival or Vincy Mas, is the premiere National annual celebration full of traditions, steel pan, calypso and soca music, street parades, colorful costumes, fetes and good vibes. During Christmas time, enjoy the Nine Mornings Festival, a unique Vincentian celebration occurring nine mornings before Christmas. In Bequia, the closest Grenadine Island to St. Vincent, enjoy Easter with the Easter Regatta Celebrations, Music Festival and the Fisherman’s day festivities.

Dining and “Liming”

Enjoy the various restaurants, bars and clubs in St. Vincent with delicious local or international cuisine with many options in price, ambiance, food and great atmospheres. There is live music, dancing and lots of fun to be had as it is also part of dining and “liming” in St. Vincent.